About Center


Collecting trade & investment information
  • Development of trade policies of U.S Department of Commerce, USTR, and other agencies.
  • Research the main legislation trends of the U.S. Congress
  • Monitoring U.S situation related to WTO & other international organizations
  • Analyze the import restrictions of the U.S
  • Research trade policies of competing countries such as Japan, EU & China
  • Research main sector-specific trade issues such as textile, steel, automobile, etc.
Trade and investment cooperation activities with
  • The person in charge of trading in U.S board of trade, USTR, Department of Commerce, etc, as well as in the State and Local Governments
  • The person in charge of legislation in the Congress
  • Brookings Institution, the Heritage Foundation & other think tanks
  • The person in charge of main competing countries such as Japan & EU
  • Industry interest groups such as automobiles & IT
Supporting trade & investment cooperation activities of
  • Government or private trade delegation
  • Trade or economic related organizations
  • Market development groups & survey groups
  • KITA’s member companies.
Providing hands-on support to K Startup
  • Seminars, industry-specific events, and meetups for k startups
  • providing shared office space
  • Networking opportunity with a Korean startup organization in the United States.
  • Monitoring start-up-related markets and economic conditions.