About Center


Seokmin Jang , President
Supervise KITA New York Center and Hahn Kook Center
Tel : 212-421-8804 (ext. 201)
Joung Woo Park, Director
Manage Hahn Kook Center, Promote bilateral trade
Tel : 212-421-8804 (ext. 202)
Yu Beum Song, Business Management Analyst / Manager
Manage Hahn Kook Center, Research and publish industry reports
Tel : 212-421-8804 (ext. 207)
Boram Jeon, Accounting Manager
Manage all the finance of Hahn Kook Center and KITA New York Center
Tel : 212-421-8804 (ext. 203)
Yeonsoo Kang, Marketing Manager
Consult trade inquiry & assist member companies
Tel : 212-421-8804 (ext. 205)